Gourmet Tasting Platter

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Our Gourmet Tasting Platter is one of our signature platters, it features a large variety of individual tasting morsels. This platter gives you a taste of everything from blue cheese to a selection of different meats. This platter features cheeses and meats that are only unique to this platter. 


  • A large variety of hard and soft cheeses 
  • A selection on cured prosciutto, salami, twiggy sticks and ham
  • Unique dips 
  • Antipasto and mixed olives 
  • A large salami sausage 
  • Fresh seasonal fruit 
  • Dried fruits and gourmet crackers 
  • A loaf of freshly baked bread to enjoy with the platter 
  • A lot more little tasty morsels!


Please note that each of our platters are unique depending on current stock and seasonal flavours at the time.